January 2011

Weekly Deal: 25% Off Sigikid Learning Crocodile Stuffed Toy

By - Posted Jan 31, 2011
The Sigikid is one multi-functional crocodile. So multi-functional, in fact, that your baby is bound to play with this stuffed toy for hours and forget to cry. Good! The German company has thought of everything. This learning crocodile has: - A mouth that zips open - Legs that detach with buttons - A tail with velcro, a clip, and a tie We wish the toy also had: - A suit and tie to dress up in when it wants to be fancy - Even more wild colors. Why not? - A remote-control propeller Save 25% off the Sigikid Learning Crocodile until Feb. 7, 2011, by "Liking" Estella on Facebook. Click on the...READ MORE
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Baby Clothes: Babies In Black – Cool or Cruel?

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Here at Estella, we've always put babies in black clothes, whether they're our own baby or we're creating styles for the store. And looking at this picture, how could we not? One could say he's urban chic, sophisticated, handsome, elegant, and cool. But we just think he looks beautiful. That said, we know babies in black clothes can stir up a lot of emotions. Too dark and morbid? Too Addams Family like? You don't want your kids going Goth before they're 12. In the end, we feel like putting black on infants and babies alone is not going to make them the next Marilyn Manson. For now, they just look stylish, and that's good enough fo...READ MORE
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By - Posted Jan 27, 2011
We've decided to play Letterman and hold a countdown for the Top 10 Reasons We Love The Eco-Friendly Estella Bamboo Layette Collection of baby clothes. Drumroll, please: 10. Soft as a baby's behind. The Bamboo Layette collection is not only super soft, but silky smooth, making it perfect for babies' sensitive and delicate skin. goes as far as saying that bamboo's luxurious texture is "comparable to that of silk. 9. Born in the U.S.A. Our bamboo line is made entirely in the U.S.A. From the design process to the fabric, each piece is hand-craft...READ MORE
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Weekly Deal: 25% Off Jellycat Stuffed Animals

By - Posted Jan 25, 2011
Jellycat stuffed animals were all the rage last holiday season, and with Valentine's Day coming up, the plush toys' popularity hasn't slowed down. So show your baby how much you love them! Save 25% off these soft, cuddly lions, monkeys, and zebras (oh my!) at Estella just by "liking" us on Facebook (come on, we know you haven't lost your youthful craving for social networking!) On the Facebook page, you will be able to find a special code under the "Deal of the Week" tab. Simply enter this code upon checkout, and you're good to go! But hurry, the special offer expires next Monday, Janua...READ MORE
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By - Posted Jan 21, 2011
[caption id="attachment_1257" align="aligncenter" width="659" caption="Save up to 75% off designer kids and baby clothes!"][/caption] It's the last weekend to save on favorite pieces from winter, including..
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