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Hand knit Kids Batman & Butterfly Hats

POSTED Oct 25, 2011

Hand knit Kids Batman
& Butterfly Hats – Our popular knit hats are back this year and we’ve added a butterfly hat to the classic batman one.  Perfect Halloween costumes for kids, these hats are great well beyond Halloween.
Made of soft wool, they are warm and will keep your kids warm all winter. Moreover, with the perfect motifs, they will not argue about wearing them. Enter our Halloween contest and get 20% off these hats, now through Nov. 3rd.
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Moncler Baby Snowsuits & Kid’s Coats

POSTED Oct 24, 2011

Moncler baby snowsuits & coats are here.  They look super stylish and perfect for children.  Made of a light weight down, these infant snowsuits and toddler coats are warm yet they do not weigh kids down and allow them to move around freely.
And like their adult coats, the craftsmanship and technology is unquestionable.
Made in Italy, our pictures do not do them justice, they are a must see item.
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Estella Halloween Contest on Facebook

POSTED Oct 21, 2011

Love Halloween? Give us your cutest and most creative Halloween ideas and you could win a 100$ Gift certificate!
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Baby Rompers in Cotton Cashmere

POSTED Oct 20, 2011

The Album di Famiglia Favilla baby romper is obviously beautiful, but what maybe its nicest quality is actually hard to see, its fabric.  I call it cotton cashmere because it feels soft and warm like cashmere, but unlike cashmere it is made of machine washable cotton so it’s is easier to care for.  Take a close look, you will love it. Click here to see more.

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Kids Scarves

POSTED Oct 19, 2011

Cashmere-soft, kids cotton scarf by Album di Famiglia. This Italian designer uses the softest brushed cotton blended fabric to create machine washable, sophisticated clothes for babies and kids. This scarf is a great example, clean lines, warm colors and oh so cozy. Click here to take a look

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