July 2013

Tips + Tricks: Traveling With Kids

By - Posted Jul 31, 2013
For those of you with upcoming road trips or vacations on your schedule, we've scoured the web to find you some posts that provide lots of helpful tips on traveling with little ones. Got a favorite traveling tip of your own? Let us know on Twitter! TRAVELKINS :: Tips for Traveling with Littles READ MORE
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Found on the Web: Humans of New York

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Have you heard of the website, Humans of New York? The site's photographer, Brandon, describes it as a "photographic consensus" of the city, documenting its people, their stories, and the unique, humorous, and often profound experiences they share with him. You can check out all the photos on his site, but here are a few of the mini-NYers that Brandon has spotted.

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Style Spotlight: Black Clothing

By - Posted Jul 30, 2013
How do y'all feel about black clothing on babies and children? Some find it to be quite harsh, but it can also be elegant and sophisticated (even on pouting little girls!). Kid's clothing is often overdone with color, prints, and embellishments, so a little black + white can be quite refreshing. Sometimes when it comes to color, less really is more! What do you think?
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Celebrity Moms: Miranda and Flynn

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What a fashionable duo. And his smile!
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Lines We Love: Mini & Maximus

By - Posted Jul 29, 2013
If your kid wants to be wearing the coolest clothes at the playground, you're going to want to check out the Southern California-based line Mini & Maximus. The brand celebrates the imaginative, curious, and often humorous nature of kids in its eco-friendly designs that include graphic tees, neat hoodies, and funky bottoms. Even cooler is that the line collaborates w...READ MORE
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