August 2013

Lines We Love: Superfussy

By - Posted Aug 26, 2013
Superfussy is a line of functional and bohemian kids apparel inspired by Nathalie Coppens and Khairi Mdnor's world travels with their daughter, Milla (as mentioned in this post!). With harem pants, embroidered dresses, and beautiful READ MORE
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Found on the Web: Toddlers Eating Lemons for the First Time

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A little humor to start the week off...Learn about the series and view all the photos here.

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Happy Weekend: Estella’s Weekly Roundup

By - Posted Aug 23, 2013

The best in back-to-school shopping from Time Out New York Kids.

Baby Toms!

This Wild Rice, Mango, and Arugula Salad sounds delicious! Have you heard about Yuck, the documentary written and directed by a f...READ MORE
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Estella Picks: State Bags

By - Posted Aug 22, 2013
State Bags are more than just stylish and highly functional backpacks; for each bag sold, the Brooklyn-based company hand delivers one to a child in need. At State's Bag Drops, Packmen (aka child development specialists) give out the backpacks during motivational rallies, with the goal of inspiring these kids to believe, apply, and make a positive impact on themselves. State certainly puts a smile on the faces of these children, but more importantly instills in them a renewed spirit and desire to give back to others. Shop and find more information READ MORE
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Found on the Web: Chalkboard Walls

By - Posted Aug 21, 2013
What a fun way to let your kids (actually) write on the walls! More here. P.S. 11 Chalkboard Finds For Back to School.
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