Four Essential Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Having a newborn baby in the house is one of the most rewarding, exciting, and terrifying experiences you will ever encounter, which is why preparation is very much essential in this day and age. Whether you choose to shop for your own baby, or for a friend who has perhaps just given birth, to ensure your child is entertained, comfortable, and well looked after, an organic baby gift set could be exactly what you need. Finding the right gifts for newborn babies can be tricky, but if you know where you’re looking, finding the perfect gift just couldn’t be easier. Rather than struggle to find appropriate newborn gift ideas, why not let Estella take care of things for you? is a high end e-boutique stocking some of the most fabulous organic baby gifts, and gift sets, that you could ever wish for. If you’re shopping for a newborn and aren’t sure what to purchase, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most amazing baby gift ideas you could ever wish for.

Organic blue baby romper set – If you’re looking for an organic baby gift set, this organic blue baby romper set is absolutely perfect. Consisting of a cream bonnet and a sleeveless blue romper, along with your choice of rattle, this romper set is ideal as it will keep your baby warm and cosy. As it is blue, it would be ideal for a boy, though to be honest, boy or girl, a newborn is going to absolutely love this gift either way.

Octopus rattle and romper set – If giraffes are not your baby’s thing, or if perhaps you want to go with a nature theme, this octopus rattle and romper set is perfect. In a beautiful cream and blue design, complete with a blue printed octopus, as well as a cute and eye catching blue octopus rattle, your baby will look cuter than ever before if you dress them in this.

Pretzel romper – Let’s face it, we all know that food is life, and this is clearer than ever before with this wonderful pretzel romper, again, from Estella. This romper is a luxurious beige colour with brown undertones and a delicious-looking pretzel printed on the front. There is also a warm and comfortable bonnet hat, plus a tasty-looking hot dog rattle to really complete the culinary theme.

Organic brown bear baby soother in stripes – So far we’ve focussed on rompers, and whilst rompers make wonderful gifts, they aren’t the only gifts for newborn babies that you can focus on. This organic brown bear baby soother in a black and cream stripy design is absolutely fantastic. Whether your baby is having trouble sleeping, is feeling under the weather, or simply needs a little distracting whilst being changed, this striped baby soother will instantly become a near permanent fixture in your household as far as you baby is concerned. Available in black and cream, grey and cream, or brown and grey, this soother will soon become your newborn’s very best friend. For the ultimate cute-factor, why not combine this gift with matching striped romper gift set?

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Alder & Co, Estella Retailer & Portland’s finest Boutique, coming to New York

For years, Alder & Co has been providing the Portland area with priceless treasures from around the globe. Customers love Alder & Co for those unique items that they simply can’t find anywhere else from women’s dresses to jewelry and baby gifts. It is known as a magical place where people can find that particular artifact to complete the outfit, gift or project. Alder is a space of timeless and transportive things that are as useful as they are beautiful.

With collections from around the world, Alder & Co carries different types of products from small batch independent brand names. Find ladies clothing, accessories, apothecary, home items, jewelry, baby gifts, paper, textiles and a little bit of everything else. Unique brands such as Klorane, Context, Nkuku, and Polka Dot Club don the shelves of this special Portland Oregon boutique. Estella is thrilled to be among the select group of brands at Alder.

Alder carries some of Estella’s most innovative baby gifts including its new Short Sleeve Organic Baby Romper with Whale. Handmade in Peru with 100% breathable certified organic cotton, this one of a kind romper features a graphic navy blue whale image and stripes on a cream background. This nautical romper comes in short sleeves and short legs and is perfect for Spring & Summer babies.

Whale Baby Rompers

Whale Baby Romper in Organic Cotton by Estella

Also available at Alder is Estella’s new Sleeveless Organic Infant Romper in baby blue. This one-piece knit romper is backless, solid colored with a contrasting cream band on the chest pocked and on the thigh hem. Also handmade with 100% soft organic cotton, this irresistible baby romper is sophisticated and elegant.

Sleeveless Baby Rompers in Blue

Backless, Sleeveless Baby Romper in blue by Estella

Alder also carries Estella’s popular Whale security blanket. This baby security blanket was so popular that it served as the inspiration to the Whale Short Sleeve romper that Alder now carries. Measuring 14 inches squared, this baby lovey is small enough for toddlers to carry around and find comfort in during bedtime, naptime or when they’re feeling out of sorts. With a whale image and a three dimensional tail, it is also fun for toddlers to use for imaginative play and for infants to explore.

Whale Baby Lovey

Whale Security Blanket by Estella

On April 1, 2017, Alder & Co will be opening its Alder East location in Germantown, NY and will bring Estella and its core collection of women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and baby gifts to this charming New York town. This upstate site will carry not just some of the same special items found in the Portland store, but will include a fusion of goods from local New York brands to give it a truly local feel.

The grand opening will be held at the new Alder East location at 222 Main Street in Germantown from 2 – 6 P.M. Mark your calendar and get ready for something new. Join us in welcoming Alder to New York, check out their new store and hopefully you will fall in love with their aesthetic, like the Portland community has.

For more information about Alder & Co., give them a call at their Portland location at 505-224-1647 or email them directly at

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Nursery Inspiration: Coco Rocha x One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane x Coco Rocha Nursery

Before welcoming her new baby girl Ioni last month, Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha teamed up with One Kings Lane to create a stylish yet practical nursery in her Westchester home. The resulting room is dreamy, chic, and functional; it seamlessly combines practical necessities with cozy details and lots of color, and with the exception of the crib, nothing is nursery-specific.

Says Rocha of the room: “I’d grown up with a very girly, pink room and I knew I didn’t want princess-y pink for my daughter. I also didn’t want a theme, like ‘zoo’ or ‘space’—themes feel so ’90s to me! I really think children can be stimulated by all sorts of colors and patterns, whether it’s themed or not […] We live in nature, in an older house, so we want the inside to reflect our modern take. It’s sleek lines, a lot of creams, taupes, grays, and pops of color […] I love that this room is a party full of color. And it’s also super relaxing. I’m so excited to curl up on the sheepskin rug and read with our daughter.”

Of course we were excited to see an appearance by a few of our organic baby toys, namely our taxi rattle, school bus rattle, and Trixie doll! Head on over to One Kings Lane to view the entire feature, learn more about the design process, and read about Coco’s secrets for a happy pregnancy.

Estella Taxi Rattle - Coco Rocha x One Kings LaneEstella Organic Taxi Baby Rattle Toy - Coco Rocha NurseryCoco Rocha Nursery - Estella NYC ToysCoco Rocha Nursery x One Kings LaneOne Kings Lane x Coco Rocha Nursery

(Images via One Kings Lane)

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In the News: The Top Baby Names of 2014

Baby Clothes - Organic Bamboo Collection

Curious to know the top baby names of 2014? BabyCenter just released its annual list; the three most popular baby names for both boys and girls are the same again, and Sophia claimed the top spot for girls for the fifth year in a row! Here’s the top ten:

Most Popular Girl Names:

1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Olivia
4. Ava
5. Isabella
6. Mia
7. Zoe
8. Lily
9. Emily
10. Madelyn

Most Popular Boy Names:

1. Jackson
2. Aiden
3. Liam
4. Lucas
5. Noah
6. Mason
7. Ethan
8. Caden
9. Jacob
10. Logan

What do you think- any surprises? BabyCenter also analyzed the inspiration behind rising baby names, whether it be sports stars (Jeter is up 82%) or movie characters (Elsa jumped 29%). Check out the entire list of the 100 most popular baby names over on BabyCenter!

Baby One-Pieces - Organic Bamboo Collection

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Thoughts: Minimalist Baby & Kids’ Clothing?


Last Friday, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on the increase in minimalist fashion for kids. Designer baby & toddler clothing brands like Neige, Makie, Album di Famiglia, and Vince were all cited as examples of lines who offer more elegant and sophisticated pieces that stand in stark contrast to the graphic t-shirts, light-up sneakers, and sequin girls’ tutus that kids know and love. The pieces are still sweet and playful (think empire waist girls’ dresses or liberty prints), but more understated and chic. The author writes:

“American parents are increasingly taking a page from their European counterparts and outfitting their kids in more tasteful fare. Think pared-down cotton dresses for girls and engineer-stripe pants and logo-free T-shirts for boys.

“There’s a growing trend toward minimalism, toward something that’s a little more timeless, a little more quality,” said Adrienne Sugden, the designer and owner of Neige, a California-based company that designs children’s clothes that are classic with clean lines…  [Sugden] began to entertain the idea of starting her own children’s line and noticed that the kids’ department was in need of a refresh. She saw the category as either overly decorated or far too traditional and conservative. Her wares have a sense of playfulness—”not scaled-down adult clothes,” in her words—and a refreshing sense of simplicity.”

Reading the comments & tweets in response to the article was fascinating. On one hand, kids may resist these neutral basics in favor of logo-filled t-shirts for boys or elaborate dress-up costumes for girls. And then there is the cost factor. But there is also an argument to made for purchasing high-quality pieces that are ethically produced and will be passed down for years (as opposed to their disposable, polluting counterparts). Plus, kids are so sweet as is that perhaps additional colors & details are unnecessary. Thoughts?


(Images via Dressing Ivana)

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