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DIY: Lion Rug

By - Posted Jan 22, 2015
For any ambitious DIY fans, check out this lion rug from A Beautiful Mess! So plush, cozy, and creative... (Images via A Beautiful Mess)
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Handmade Charlotte: Holiday Recipes + DIYS

By - Posted Dec 17, 2014
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Vacation Baking: Snowy Pinecone Snacks

By - Posted Nov 24, 2014
Here's a fun & relatively simple edible craft to try with the kids while their home from school: Handmade Charlotte's Snowy Pinecone Snacks! It involves just a few ingredients, requires no baking, and will keep little ones occupied and entertained if and/or when boredom sets in. Head on over to Handmade Charlotte for the complete instructions! (Images READ MORE
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Halloween: Easy Costume Ideas for Kids

By - Posted Oct 14, 2014
If you or your toddler isn't into going all out for Halloween in one of Siaomimi Play's costumes for toddlers, there are lots of accessories (like tiaras, wands, & masks) and "everyday" clothes to help him or her get in the spirit. We believe childhood should always be fun and every day is the perfect opportunity to dress up, regardless of the time of year. Pair these items with clothes already in your child's closet to create a fast and simple DIY costume... A superhero mask or simple felt eye mask ad...READ MORE
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Found on the Web: Chalkboard Walls

By - Posted Aug 21, 2013
What a fun way to let your kids (actually) write on the walls! More here. P.S. 11 Chalkboard Finds For Back to School.
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