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Found on the Web: Chalkboard Walls

By - Posted Aug 21, 2013
What a fun way to let your kids (actually) write on the walls! More here. P.S. 11 Chalkboard Finds For Back to School.
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Estella Picks: Mer Mag Blog

By - Posted Jul 11, 2013
  Have you heard of the blog, Mer Mag? If not, you are missing out! Merrilee is one seriously creative genius who has a knack for taking your everyday household items like empty cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, duck tape, and a little paint and turning them into neat DIY projects for her kids. She even manages to make counting fun! Her beautiful photos and adorable kids are an added bonus, too. And, as if this all wasn't enough, when Merrilee isn't playing, doing, making, or creating on her blog, she illustrating for children and adul...READ MORE
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Tips + Tricks: Updating Your Child’s Bedroom

By - Posted May 31, 2013

Australian-based Scout House is known for their brightly colored Scout Iron Beds, which got us thinking: if you're looking for a way to add spice and personality to your kid's bedroom, why not try repainting a basic wrought iron bed in a fun color? It adds so much personality to the room and is a relatively simple and inexpensive DIY, don't you think?

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