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Estella Picks: Gina Kim Children’s Photography

Girls Dresses Enfant Style Gina Kim Photography 2Girls Dresses Enfant Style Gina Kim Photography

If you’re on the hunt for cool toddler clothes, fashion inspiration, or beautiful images, be sure to check out children’s photographer Gina Kim’s blog, Enfant Street Style. The NYC-based photographer chose to focus on kids’ photography due to their spontaneity and uninhibited nature, and her photos certainly capture that spirit – this girl’s tutu dress, hat, & boots combo is the perfect example! Her pictures are a source of daily inspiration and ideas for us. Check her out!

(Images via Gina Kim)

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Estella Picks: Swimsuits for Boys and Girls


Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away which means summer is right around the corner! To celebrate the upcoming beach season, here are some of the swimsuits for boys and girls (as well as baby girl swimsuits) we’re carrying from Bobo Choses, NUNUNU, Emile et Ida, and Cabbages & Kings. Each has its distinct feel and personality – whether that be bold, chic, playful, or vintage-inspired – but they all will ensure your child welcomes summer in style and comfort. Head on over to the website to view all entire collection of summer 2014 baby & toddler swimsuits.

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Estella Picks: Soft Dolls



In honor on our new collection of hand-knit toys for boys & girls, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite soft dolls from around the web. Each of these toddler toys has its own unique personality and is lovingly crafted – often by hand – using soft cotton, but all of them are sure to make a wonderful and cuddly companion for your little one. They are also all great gifts for the anti-barbie types. Find out where to shop them below!

1. Blabla Luigi the Frog 2. Doll by Estella – Flash 3. LuckyBoySunday Pale Nulle 4. Doll by Estella – Kat 5. Anne-Claire Petit Laura Doll 6. Boramiri Petit Nina Angel Doll 7. LuckyBoySunday Miss White 8. Anne-Claire Petit Small Cat 9. Blabla Etcetera Boogaloo.

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Estella Picks: Crème Anglaise Guitar Cushions


How neat are these soft guitar cushions? They are from the online store Crème Anglaise, known for its collection of imaginative pillows, whimsical mobiles, and gorgeous wood furniture. All items are made by hand in France, and the store ships internationally! Check the site out to view the entire collection.

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