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Just In: Estella Superhero Dolls

By - Posted Jul 14, 2014
A few weeks ago, we had a photo shoot for our new collection of superhero knit dolls! How great do Seymour, Red, and READ MORE
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By - Posted Jul 9, 2014
To celebrate the launch of our new collection of hand-knit dolls, we are holding a contest throughout the month of July: the Estella Super Kids Picture Contest! The Estella dolls are adventurous, fun loving, and quirky superstars who are not afraid the love what makes them different - no matter what life throws at them. They are bursting with personality and full of character & quirks that kids everywhere can identify with. So, in honor of these dolls, we want to see pictures of how your kids display their own individual spirit. Here's how it works: 1. Take a picture of your kid ...READ MORE
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Just In: Atsuyo et Akiko x Jess Brown Dolls

By - Posted Jun 9, 2014
Just in from Atsuyo et Akiko: these hand-made dolls, created in collaboration with Jess Brown! Just like all of Jess Brown dolls, these elegant keepsakes are crafted by hand out of tea-dyed cotton muslin and linen and make wonderful baby gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Best of all, these rag dolls are outfitted with their own Atsuyo et Akiko Girls Tutu, so she and your daughter can match as they play! Shop READ MORE
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Sale Alert: Estella On Gilt!

By - Posted Jun 8, 2014
Our knit baby rattles and superhero dolls will be on tonight, beginning at 9pm and ending June 11th! This sale will include our hand-knit collection of soft superhero dolls and baby rattles... Check it out!
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Estella Picks: Soft Dolls

By - Posted May 5, 2014
  In honor on our new collection of hand-knit toys for boys & girls, we've rounded up some of our favorite soft dolls from around the web. Each of these toddler toys has its own unique personality and is lovingly crafted - often by hand - using soft cotton, but all of them are sure to make a wonderful and cuddly companion for your little one. They are also all great gifts for the anti-barbie types. Find out where to shop them below! 1. Blabla Luigi the Frog 2. Doll by Estella - Flash...READ MORE
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