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Wunway Fur Top

By - POSTED Jan 7, 2014


Found this Wunway outfit on Pinterest…The perfect combination of quirk, edge, and comfort, no?

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Liberty of London Fall 2013

By - POSTED Sep 4, 2013

We are excited to announce that Liberty of London is now available at Estella for fall 2013! Famous for its iconic prints and quintessentially British designs, the brand’s fall collection is full of lovely dresses, whimsical bodysuits, and the most luxurious cashmere romper and baby accessories (that make wonderful gifts as well!). Whether your little one is lounging at home or attending her first holiday party, these pieces will inject the perfect amount of quirk and whimsy into your child’s wardrobe this season. View the entire collection here.

1. Liberty of London Amy Hurell Print 30′s Silk Dress 2. Liberty of London Thorpe Print Baby Smock Dress 3. Liberty of London Elizabeth Anne Print Skinny Jeans 4. Liberty of London Scatter Print Long Sleeve Bodysuit 5. Liberty of London Cashmere Romper 6. Liberty of London Cashmere Baby Booties 7. Liberty of London Robin Print baby Sleep Sack 8. Liberty of London Minnie Print Baby Scallop Blouse


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Estella Girls Sweaters

By - POSTED Jan 15, 2012

Estella girls sweaters with pom poms are stylish and comfortable for kids. Hand knit with soft wool, these kids sweaters are great for dressing up & special occasions, but they are also great with jeans. Made in Nepal for Estella. 100% wool, dry clean only. Click here to see more!

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Girls Sweaters with Pom Poms

By - POSTED Nov 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Outfits, Girls Sweaters with Pom Poms.  Our girls sweaters with pom poms are stylish and practical for thanksgiving and the playground. Hand made with a soft wool, they are super soft and fun with dresses, skirts and jeans.  A very special piece. Click here to see more

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Stop Playing with Your Food, Jack

By - POSTED Oct 8, 2010


Little Jack Horner, he’s the one who pulled out a plum and then said, “What a good boy am I!” No, Jack, you aren’t. First off, you just stuck your finger in your Christmas pie. Mom always told you not to play with your food. Then you pulled out a piece of squishy juicy that’s probably going to stain your white shirt.

Of course Little Jane would have been a little smarter about the entire process. She would have worn this adorable sweater. Rich plum color, no plum stain.

The hue of this gorgeous Plum Short-Sleeved Girls Sweater by Ketiketa is so rich it’s perfect for the holiday season. Not to mention how every little girl should have a comfy cashmere sweater to keep her toasty in this winter. The two-button is an easy-on, easy-off wrap of warmth. Its simplicity is really a bonus. With all of those fancy shmancy holiday outfits to compete with, it doesn’t detract while still adding a little bit of elegance to your little girl.

Yes, if Little Jane had her way with this Christmas pie, she probably also would have tackled it a little better. For instance, she probably would have used a spoon instead of her thumb. What a good girl is she.

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